Final Words From Dennis Evangelisto

KC Ride America was an incredible experience and journey for me. This ride actually began a year earlier as I researched the route I would take, rode my bike 50, 100, sometimes even 280 miles a week, and prepared with a physical trainer for proper food, clothing, and hydration. I would not have been able to accomplish the goal of riding my bike across America if it were not for the year of preparation beforehand.

I began this ride at Huntington Beach CA and ended 38 days and 2,748 miles later at Tybee Island GA. Some of my fondest memories include; people stopping to give me water when I needed it most, jumping in the Colorado River after riding for over three hours in 120 degree weather, having my picture taken with a Harley Biker Club at the Continental Divide in New Mexico, riding by Cadillac Ranch in Texas, riding to the State Capitols of Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Nashville, Tennessee. I rode when it was hot, when it was humid, when it was windy, and when it was raining. I was able to experience the diverse beauty of eight different states through their sights, sounds, smells, and cultures. Everywhere I went, people were kind and accommodating. This was truly the adventure of a lifetime.

Once the ride was over, it was time to build the playground that the sponsors of KC Ride America had invested in. We prepared the field, set the forms, poured the concrete for the sidewalk, built the playground and fence. This all took a total of six weeks and untold hours of labor by many wonderful volunteers. The new playground is a great addition to our facility and will be enjoyed by children and youth for generations to come.